The Ultimate Body Transformation Challenge in New Orleans

Body transformation is not only about becoming slimmer or getting more ripped. When we refer to body transformation, we are talking about a complete approach to improving your health and physique through exercise and nutrition. Supra Body Transformation Center is not just another CrossFit box, nor is it a typical, corporate gym. We are a personalized training facility that incorporates the variable, high-intensity methodology of CrossFit while also offering dedicated powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting courses, as well as bodyweight-only boot camp programs. We offer customized nutrition plans to complement your fitness regimen and complete your body transformation.

Benefits of Our Programs

The positive health outcomes of regular exercise and proper diet are well documented, but if you are on this page, you probably seek more than basic good health. You want your best body and aren’t afraid to push yourself to get it.

While it may seem like common sense that strength and conditioning are both important components of physical fitness, many people neglect one or the other. Some individuals separate them into time-consuming and tedious routines. Our CrossFit programming incorporates strength training and metabolic conditioning, often in the same session. With the endless combinations of movements, we select you will never be bored.

You’ll build muscle without sacrificing athleticism, and gain stamina without losing muscle mass. High-intensity workouts have been shown to accelerate fat loss in less time than long stints of cardio. Performing muscle-building maneuvers at a fast pace is a proven way to get in great shape.

Aside from the basis for our training methods, you’ll find that the atmosphere of our gym is an advantage of its own. The community feel of our group workouts both motivates and supports our members to achieve their goals without judgment. Trainers and members at Supra Body Transformation Center value hard work and personal improvement over your workout time or how much weight you can raise.

Finally, what sets our style apart from other gyms is the personal coaching built into every session. Exercising at Supra CrossFit means having an experienced coach every time you come to the gym, scaling the workout to suit your needs, providing guidance and encouragement whenever appropriate to ensure that you get the most out of your WOD (Workout of the Day).

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Our body transformation challenges are six- or twelve-week cycles wherein your trainer guides you toward a fit body and healthy lifestyle, not only helping you get results, but also setting you up to maintain your good habits and continue crushing your fitness goals. Set up a free intro workout to see how we train. No matter your level of fitness or experience, you can make an inspiring transformation here at Supra Body Transformation Center.