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About Supra Crossfit


Owner and Program Director

Jonas Deffes Is the Owner / Director of the Supra Crossfit Box

Also, Jonas is Program Director and Owner of the New Orleans Adventure Boot Camp locations.

His mission is to reduce stress, increase health performance and boost metabolism in the body.He is very serious about building long-term relationships, achieving positive results and upholding his commitment to excellence.

Jonas is a Level One Crossfit Coach NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association) Certified Adventure Boot Camp Instructor/Owner and a Certified Personal Trainer Strength Trainer In New Orleans. He also holds a license with the Louisiana State board of health as a Sports Therapist. Jonas is dedicated to further continuing his education in the fitness industry and helping rebuild New Orleans starting with it’s Health

He has designed a program to help you gain strength, confidence and have fun in a  action packed Crossfit Facility. Supra Crossfit has created a supportive knowledgeable and driven environment for women and Men of all ages and fitness levels to improve there lifestyle, diet, self confidence and much more.


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